Croquet Extravaganza

April 2015 Croquet Invitational Celebration

Saturday, April 25th, 2015

Play Starts at10:30am

croquet on lawn

The Pass Christian Yacht Club would like to extend an invitation to play a friendly game of CROQUET on our beautiful waterfront green.  This invitation extends to all players secretly imbedded in their respective yacht clubs.

The date for this event is Saturday, April 25, 2015,   10:30am

Our fledgling PCYC croquet players welcome croquet players from all yacht clubs along the coast.

Knowing the competitive nature of yacht club members, we implore you to show mercy on our beginners who are still struggling to learn the basics of this competitive and dangerous sport.

The two courts of Six Wicket Croquet will be appropriately sized to fit the PCYC waterfront grass.

The rules will be universally accepted “Intra Galactic rules of Friendly Croquet” as interpreted by the union of faux croquet judges.

The dress code for the entrants will be croquet white.

A prize for the best dressed in white, entrants and spectators, will be awarded on the day of the competition (the “Best Dressed” selection will rest solely in the eyes of the yet to be appointed judge).

A $10 entry fee will be charged per entrant.

Please notify PCYC by April 17th of your intent to join in on the fun. (228) 452-2571

Each club is expected to have 4 entrants (an unlimited number of spectators, hecklers, partiers will be welcomed……a cash bar near the green of competitors will be available to provide solace to those requiring it).

Don’t forget anyone in white is eligible for the best dressed award!

The croquet courts will be available to all after a winner has been crowned.

Lunch menu will be available.


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