USODA Gulf Coast Championships


2014 USODA Gulf Coast Championship

Posted November 17, 2013

March 22 – 23, 2014
PCYC Clinic: March 21

Hosted by
Pass Christian Yacht Club
Pass Christian, Mississippi


(This Notice of Race may be revised from time to time pursuant to rule 89.2)

The regatta will be organized by Pass Christian Yacht Club in conjunction with the U.S. Optimist Dinghy Association (the “USODA”).

1. Rules
1.1. The regatta will be governed by the rules as defined in The Racing Rules of Sailing (2013-2016).
1.2. “Conditions for USODA Events”, including the USODA ‘Code of Conduct’, will apply, and can be found at Competitors, Coaches, Parents, and Guardians shall abide by the USODA ‘Code of Conduct’. This includes behavior both on and off the water including respect for all other persons, personal property of others, Pass Christian Yacht Club, and the City of Pass Christian.
1.3. Rule 61 will be changed as follows: The red protest flag required in Rule 61.1(a) shall be attached to the boom in a manner that conceals it until displayed. Rule 61.1(a)(2) is deleted. Add rule 61.5:
61.5 Informing the Race Committee
In addition to meeting the requirements of rule 61.1, a boat intending to protest another boat concerning an incident in the racing area that she is involved in or sees shall, at the first reasonable opportunity after she finishes, call the race committee’s attention to her displayed red flag and inform the race committee of the sail number of the boat she is protesting.
1.4. Appendix P will apply. P2.2, “Second Penalty” will be changed to, “Second and Subsequent Penalties”. There will also be an addition to the end of the first sentence, “unless her penalty is signaled after she finishes, in which case she shall promptly notify the measurement or race committee finish boat that she is retiring.“ P2.3 will be deleted.
2. Advertising
2.1. Advertising is restricted per ISAF Regulation 20.2.1 and Table 1 to Event Advertising only.
2.2. Boats may be required to display sponsor advertising chosen and supplied by the Organizing Authority.
3. Eligibility and Entry
3.1. International Optimist Dinghies may enter by completing online registration, paying all entry fees, and completing all measurement requirements.
3.2. The Red, Blue and White Fleet assignments will be based on the competitor’s age on the first day of the regatta March 22, 2014.
3.3. All competitors shall be members of their respective national class organization, such as the USODA and have been born on or after January 1, 1999. The organizing authority may require satisfactory proof of such membership and age. Sailors who are not USODA members are invited to join USODA by selecting membership found in the left margin of Members of other IODA organizations and NCAs should contact USODA via email at
4. Registration; Entry Fees
4.1. All entry fees shall be paid at time of online registration at
a. The entry fee is U.S. $110.00 if paid by March 6, 2014.
b. A late fee of U.S. $25.00 ($135.00 total) shall be paid for registrations completed March 7, 2014 thru March 19, 2014 at 1800 CST.
4.2. Registration must be done on-line at in the Members Only area accessed via login ID and password. Competitors shall have completed all parts of the online registration including completion on the online Waiver and Medical forms in order to be registered for the Event. Each competitor shall confirm they are registered by checking the registration list on the Event registration page. If a competitor is not listed as registered on the USODA website, then the competitor is not registered and the late fees described above will apply at the time of her completed registration. Entry Fees are NON-REFUNDABLE and may not be transferred to another USODA event.
4.3. Registration will close March 19, 2014 at 1800 hours CST.
5. Format of the Regatta
There will be a Championship fleet that will race as a single division. There will be a Green fleet.
6. Schedule

Friday, March 21, 2014
1200 – 1800 Competitor, Coach, and Spectator Flag Check-in
1400 Practicing / Clinic
1800 Welcome Party
Saturday, March 22, 2014
0730 – 0830 Competitor, Coach, and Spectator Flag Check-in
Continental Breakfast
0830 Skippers, Coaches and Parents Meeting (Mandatory)
1000 First Warning Championship Fleet
Lunch on the water
1800 Competitor Dinner & Social at PCYC
Sunday, March 23, 2014
0730 Continental Breakfast
0830 Skippers, Coaches and Parents Meeting (Mandatory)
1000 First Warning Championship Fleet
Lunch on the Water
1430 No First Warning Signal after this time
After Racing Awards ceremony ASAP

The Green Fleet Sailors schedule will be the same through the competitors meeting at which point a second, separate meeting for Green Fleet Sailors will be conducted and the remainder of the schedule for that fleet will be announced.
7. Measurement
7.1. Competitors are allowed to use only one hull, dagger board, rudder (with tiller and extension), mast, boom, sprit and sail during the regatta. Substitution of such equipment shall occur only with the Race Committee’s approval.
7.2. Each competitor shall submit an acceptable USODA Self-Certification Safety Checklist Form during the regatta site check-in. These Forms shall inform the Race Committee that all equipment is present and in working order.
7.3. The Race and or Protest Committee may inspect or measure any equipment and/or sail at any time regardless of whether it has been previously measured.
8. Sailing Instructions
Preliminary sailing Instructions may be available online, and final official sailing instructions will be available onsite at check-in.
9. Venue and Berthing
9.1. The racing area will be south of the club in the Gulf of Mexico.
9.2. All Optimist boats shall be kept at the Pass Christian Yacht Club in the assigned area.
10. The Course
The course will be included in the Sailing Instructions.
11. Scoring
11.1. The Low Point Scoring System of rule Appendix A will apply.
11.2. One completed race shall constitute the regatta.
11.3. When fewer than six (6) races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of all of her race scores. When from six (6) to ten (10) races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her worst score. When eleven (11) or more races have been completed, a boat’s series score will be the total of her race scores excluding her two (2) worst scores.
12. Personal Buoyancy, whistle, and bow line
12.1. In addition to the requirements of rule 40 and it’s US Prescription, a condition of entry and participation in this regatta is the wearing of a US Coast Guard approved PFD, or for international sailors only, a PFD approved by their country’s corresponding authority, properly secured at all times while on the water, except for brief periods while removing or adding clothing. Wet suits, dry suits and inflatable PFD’s do not constitute adequate personal buoyancy.
12.2. Each competitor shall have a whistle attached to their PFD at all times while on the water.
12.3. Each boat shall have a secure loop in the end its bow line.
13. Safety and Adult Responsibility
13.1. An adult (Parent, guardian or designated adult) is responsible for the safety of the each sailor. It is the responsibility solely of this adult to decide if the sailor should sail in the weather and sea conditions that might arise during the event. The adults supervising the competitors are ultimately responsible for the risks.
13.2. Parents not personally attending any part of the event shall ensure that another adult is authorized and designated to make these decisions for their sailor, and each competitor shall indicate in writing the parent or adult representative that will be responsible for the competitor throughout the event.
13.3. The designated adult shall accept full responsibility for all actions of the competitor during any activity related to the event. This includes on-shore activities before, during, and after the regatta.
14. Coaches and Support boats
14.1. One coach boat for every ten (10) sailors and fraction thereof from a sailing program may be registered. (For example a program with eleven sailors would be allowed to register two support boats.)
14.2. All coach boats shall register and obtain a numbered flag supplied by the Race Committee during Check-in, that must be flown from a staff at all times while on the water. A $20 cash deposit is required. Each coach boat shall have a working VHF radio and monitor the radio, an anchor suitable for anchoring in the waiting area, and a basic first aid kit.
14.3. The conduct of coaches, parents serving on race committee (including safety patrol), registered support boats, and all other boats including spectator boats will be governed by the Sailing Instructions.
15. Prizes
Prizes will be given as follows:
Overall: 1st through 5th
Red Fleet: 1st through 1-5th
Blue Fleet: 1st through 1-5th
White Fleet: 1st through 1-5th
Top girl: 1st through 3rd

Green Fleet: Participation awards for all competitors.
Additional awards and prizes may be presented at the sole discretion of the host and organizing authority, and may be based on criteria other than the regatta.
16. Qualification for Future Events
This regatta is a 2014 USODA Team Trials Qualifying event. The top 25% of team trials eligible competitors, as defined by the USODA, based on the final results using the total number of boats registered in both the Championship and Green Fleets, may receive invitations to compete in the 2014 USODA Team Trials.
17. Disclaimer of Liability
Competitors participate in the regatta entirely at their own risk. See rule 4, Deci¬sion to Race. The organizing author¬ity will not accept any liability for material dam¬age or personal injury or death sus-tained in conjunction with or prior to, during, or after the regatta. A waiver shall be signed by all competitors and their parent/guardian, in accordance with NOR 4.2.
18. Further Information
Regatta Registration: USODA Executive Director, Genoa Fedyszyn,
Clinic Registration: Contact the Regatta Chair- John Housey and Patrick Burns.
Regatta Chair: John Housey Patrick Burns
225-413-8014 504-237-1918

Host Club: Pass Christian Yacht Club
120 Market Street
Pass Christian, Mississippi 39571

Charter Boats: KO Sailing McLaughlin Boat Works
(800) 276-7245 (800) 748-6478

Holiday Inn Express (Approx 6 miles east of club.)
300 West Beach Blvd.
Long Beach, Mississippi 39560
(228) 864-5440

Hollywood Casino (Approx 8 miles west of club.)
711 Hollywood Blvd.
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi 39520
(866) 758-2591

Inn By the Sea – Condo Rentals (Approx 3 miles west of club.)
900 Village Lane.
Pass Christian, Mississippi 39571
(877) 774-8439

Wingate by Wyndham (Approx 9 miles east of club.)
4302 West Beach Blvd.
Gulfport, Mississippi 39501
(228) 214-0010