Photos from 2016 Bards of the Binnacle

The 2016 Bards was a blast from the past.  The theme “Celebrating the Sixties” was a smash.  Everyone seemed to have gotten their groove on and was ready to -p-a-r-t-y.  This magical mystery tour started off with King Neptune XL as Sergeant Peppers played by the one and only Ken Yoemans followed by his lovely Queen Neptuna played by Joy Burke.  The Queen did a fantastic job of portraying Hello Dolly.  The court included 6 groovy maids–I Dream of Jeannie (Anita Lambert), Mrs. Jackie  Kennedy (Rebecca Montgomery), These Boots Are Made for Walking (Ellie Marchand), The Beatnik (Linda Robbins), Cher (Brandy Weatherly) and Wilma Flintstone (Wilma Rizzardi).  No one was just hanging because the music was vibrating and everyone got their move on!.